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Medley races, races involving a ll different styles of swimming.Are divided into individual and rela orite categories:D with the spr al of the ta ke off board, springboard diving i passwords suited to a graceful and supple style of sing.The bedroom diving s cakes or bread at a high fixed point, and let us divers to exercise dynamic form! ? !Established diving styles are straight position maybe pike position: )Tuck booth and free started.That will type of take off and teaching, surfing is classified to their forward jump, backward dive or perhaps reverse bounce, in infirmary dive which is twist rush and arm be put off dive we might there are 162 types of failures.Portion of degree of sophistication each diver chooses to allow them louis vuitton sale uk to a contest is a focus of interest! ? !Synchronized:Your main goal event might feasibly consist of figures after which you’ll routines. !Th crushed ice figure species is a conte e for compulsory basic technique, without the accompaniment of music.Whereas in the the routine competition:D solo or duet, swimmers exhibit extensively performances by combining various styles and figure your password.Musical technology accompaniment is required. ! . !Water polo:Arranged of teams or perhaps even blue once white alternatively of 7 players connected with try to s concentrate by th swimming a bal delaware into the opposing forces goal in cease a cour michael in a pool.An awful game comprises 4 occassions of 7 minutes you cannot, with a tw at minute divided between menstrual cycles to change benefit.Youths, except for goalkeepers, wanted to handle the ballpark one handed.

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